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The NewSci Laboratory is a center for Artificial Intelligence research, teaching, theory, and practice.

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Explore our latest research projects and experiments, demonstrating the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence. 

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Introduction Introduction¶ Graph Neural Networks (GCNs) are an extension of the familiar Convolutional Neural Network to arbitrary topologies. Given the graph $G=\{V,E\}$, …

AI for Health

Creating a healthier world by helping clinicians deliver more precise and efficient care.

AI for Earth

Focusing on using cutting edge technology to address problems in biodiversity, climate change, water, and agriculture.

AI for Accessibility

Allowing people with disabilities to use appliances, healthcare, and transportation more easily and safely.

At NewSci Labs we focus on

Using AI for good!

Our lab uses AI technology to improve the world across multiple disciplines: the environment, accessibility, humanitarian issues, cultural heritage, and health.

Faculty & Staff


Jeremy Quinto, M.Sc. – Cloud Engineer

After changing his major from Physics to Mathematics, Jeremy Quinto joined NewSci Labs as an intern in 2019. Within a short time Jeremy demonstrated a relentless drive to learn and grow as a programmer and a professional. He took it upon himself to take numerous online courses to learn the various cloud technologies and support our ML team by implementing CI/CD processes for efficient deployment and inference of our ML models. He earned a scholarship to pursue a Master’s degree in Computational Science where he completed his thesis entitled “Serverless Computing and Machine Learning Deployments” and joined NewSci Labs full-time upon graduation. He is now sharing his knowledge and experience by giving talks to help new developers enter the growing world of MLOps. He gave his most recent Code Talk at Domi Station called Connecting AI to Software Applications.