About the lab

NewSci Labs provides a stimulating environment that integrates academia and industry to promote new discoveries in machine learning.

What We're All About

At NewSci Labs, we develop and apply state-of-the-art machine learning technologies for a variety of industries including the public and social sectors. 

AI for Good

“NewSci Labs is more than a research facility. We work with public and private industry partners to apply AI-research across a variety of industries, which improves business processes and creates AI powered applications focused on putting AI to good use.”

Nathan Crock, Ph.D.
The Story Behind

NewSci Labs

NewSci Labs was founded in 2018 by David Lawson and Nathan Crock. The lab is based in Tallahassee — Florida’s state capital and home to both Florida State University and Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. Working closely with NewSci LLC we focus our research on applying AI to real-world challenges and bringing the solutions to market.

“We established NewSci Labs to focus our work on bringing AI to organizations and businesses seeking to do good with this transformative technology. We are guided by core principles and values centered around the ethical and responsible use of AI.”

– David Lawson, CEO and Co-founder of NewSci

Excellent Research Opportunities

Scientists at our lab have access to world class research opportunities.

Connect with Scientists Around the Globe

Our lab connects with scientists in the field from around the world.

Access to Cutting-Edge Equipment

Scientists in our lab have access to cutting-edge GPU clusters